Things are Looking Up!

Posted on May 8, 2020

Finally it seems we have some light peaking over the horizon. Thanks to our collective efforts, we have reason to be cautiously optimistic that we have averted the worst case scenario and can slowly, and carefully emerge from our isolation.

Recently our Premier announced a phased plan for easing restrictions which includes our provincial parks reopening.

So is this a time to start thinking about trips into the wilderness? We think so! Indeed we think outdoor activities, in small groups and close to home here on the Island will be just the right thing to be doing. We know that time in nature is incredibly health giving and that the experiences we offer are just the thing that islanders need now for our mental and physical well-being.

Our priority is to make sure our trips operate in a way that is safe for you, our staff and our communities vis a vis the covid risk. To this end we have consulted with health authorities, our professional association and with BC College and University Outdoor Programs to establish the standards to which we will operate. With these standards in mind we've taken a detailed look at all of the trips and courses which we offer and we're pleased to say that there are plenty of trips that we can do.

With some modifications, our 3 Day Alpine Skills, Mountain Skills Fly-in, Women's Mountain Skills Fly-in, Mountain Improv, Wilderness Survival and Wilderness Navigation courses are all trips that we'll be comfortable offering from June 1st on. Whether we choose to get into helicopters on the dates planned for fly-in courses will depend on conditions at the time, but we can easily modify these trips to a walk-in location where roads take us to high enough altitude to allow for easy access to excellent mountain training locations. In addition we're happy to operate any of our hiking trips and are excited to be adding a new Mountain Travel course to our offerings. This course will have participants learning a whole range of skills on a beautiful alpine hiking traverse that will allow them to do these kinds of trips independently after the course.

We’ve put dates up on our web site for the trips mentioned above and a few others. If you do not see dates posted for a trip that you want to do, get in touch with us to discuss. If the trip or course you are proposing fits with current or forecast recommendations from public health authorities, we’ll work with you to choose dates and to post a trip for you and others to join. If you prefer to do things with just your cohabiting family or friends we can also organize custom trips.

We will not open up our rock climbing courses to mixed groups as yet because of the intensive touching of ropes and rock by everyone involved but we'd be happy to organize rock climbing for families or cohabiting groups. Just get in touch to discuss these options. We will closely monitor the situation and resume rock climbing programs for mixed groups as soon as public health advice suggests it's appropriate.

These are uncertain times. So despite our growing optimism regarding getting into the great outdoors with you again, we are going to adjust our cancellation policy to allow for unforeseen changes. If we are forced to reschedule or cancel trips or courses because of restrictive measures coming back into place due to a resurgence in the virus, everyone booked will be given the choice of rescheduling or receiving a credit. Additionally if you are not feeling well in the lead up to a trip, we'll insist that you do not participate and will make that easy for you by offering a full credit. These changes to our cancellation policy will allow everyone to dream and plan, but without financial risk.

We'll be sharing the details of our covid risk management plan with all participants pre-trip. If you'd like to receive this previous to booking a trip contact us and we'll send it out to you.

Things are indeed looking up, and so are we, toward our beautiful mountains here at home on Vancouver Island and to getting back out there with all of you!