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The Comox Glacier dominates the skyline above the towns of Courtenay and Comox. This gleaming mass of alpine ice is a tantalizing goal for the fit hiker. Accessible from the Comox Glacier are some significant alpine features, including Mount Argus, Mount Harmston and the Red Pillar. A spectacular traverse from the Ash River to the Comox Glacier to climb all three of these peaks makes a wonderful four-day mountain adventure if you are reasonably fit and have some hiking and scrambling experience. The views from these peaks are panoramic and unforgettable.

Included in the price:

Guide, group technical gear, harness, helmet, ice axe, crampons

Not included in the price:

Transportation, food, clothing, personal equipment. We offer catering on some of our trips for an extra $60/person/day. Please check with our office to see if your trip has this option.

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As low as:

$1,060.00 / person

(at 2:1 ratio)