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Mount Myra offers relatively quick access on foot to some excellent ski terrain. Skiing on all aspects is possible, as is some lovely tree skiing options, which make it a great location to get in some fabulous turns in virtually all-weather conditions. Conditions permitting, we will descend the full thousand metres of the north face.

Other excellent locations for foot-access ski tours include Mount Adrian, Alexandra Peak, Mount Cain, Mount Tom Taylor and a few other secret spots known to us.

If you don't own your own touring gear, Ski Tak Hut offers 50% off rentals for all Island Alpine Guides customers while on one of our trips.

You should be an advanced skier or snowboarder in natural snow conditions to sign up for a posted trip. If your skiing ability is less than this, please get in touch so that we can create a compatible group for you.

Questions? Check out our FAQ page for details about our booking and cancellation policy, and other commonly asked questions.

Included in the price:

  • 2 days with an ACMG guide
  • Group technical gear

Not included in the price:

  • Transportation to and from meeting point
  • Food*
  • Clothing
  • Personal equipment
  • Avi kit

We offer catering on some of our trips for an extra $60/person/day. Please check with our office to see if your trip has this option.


  • Avi kit rental $20.00

    Transceiver, shovel and probe. Available as a package only. If you are bringing your own avi kit, this must include a modern, digital, 3-antenna transceiver, otherwise you will need to rent a kit from us to take part.

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Important pre-trip information
As low as:

$330.00 / person

(at 4:1 ratio)
Thank you for a great trip . I'm sure you'll be seeing more of me & hopefully my friend for summer trips as well. Food, location & skiing all great. Simon Pemble, Victoria, BC.