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Mount Myra offers relatively quick access on foot to some excellent ski terrain. Skiing on all aspects is possible, as is some lovely tree skiing options, which make it a great location to get in some fabulous turns in virtually all-weather conditions. Conditions permitting, we will descend the full thousand metres of the north face.

Other excellent locations for foot-access ski tours include Mount Adrian, Alexandra Peak, Mount Cain, Mount Tom Taylor and a few other secret spots known to us.

If you don't own your own touring gear, Ski Tak Hut offers 25% off rentals for all Island Alpine Guides customers while on one of our trips.

You should be an advanced skier or snowboarder in natural snow conditions to sign up for a posted trip. If your skiing ability is less than this, please get in touch so that we can create a compatible group for you.

Questions? Check out our FAQ page for details about our booking and cancellation policy, and other commonly asked questions.

All Island Alpine Guides courses and trips take place in an outdoor, wilderness environment. This means that as a participant you will be encountering various risks, dangers and hazards some of which include avalanches, cornices, crevasses, cliffs, trees, creeks, rockfall, difficult travel conditions, weather, illness, equipment failure, wild animals, becoming lost as well as the possibility of mistakes being made by IAG guides and instructors. To participate in these activities you will be required to read and agree to our waiver as part of the registration process. You will also be required to sign the waiver at the start of the course or trip. In doing so you will waive or give up certain legal rights including the right to sue or to claim compensation following an accident.

Included in the price:

  • 2 days with an ACMG guide
  • Group technical gear

Not included in the price:

  • Transportation to and from meeting point
  • Food*
  • Clothing
  • Personal equipment
  • Avi kit

We offer catering on some of our trips for an extra $60/person/day. Please check with our office to see if your trip has this option.


  • Avi Kit rental $20.00

    Includes Transceiver (modern, digital 3-antenna), Shovel and Probe. This equipment will be signed out to you for the duration of the course and you will be responsible for any loss or damage. If you are bringing your own avalanche transceiver, be sure that it is a modern, digital, three antenna transceiver and that it has fresh batteries in it. Malfunctioning or inadequate equipment uses up precious learning time for all participants. Please come properly prepared.

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As low as:

$370.00 / person

(at 4:1 ratio)
Thank you for a great trip . I'm sure you'll be seeing more of me & hopefully my friend for summer trips as well. Food, location & skiing all great. Simon Pemble, Victoria, BC.