BC Search and Rescue - Rope Rescue Technician 1

As low as:

/ person

(at 6:1 ratio)


This course is for active members of recognized Search and Rescue (SAR) Groups in British Columbia. The application form must be signed by the Training Officer or member of the Management Team of your SAR Group.

Search and Rescue (SAR) Rope Rescue Technician 1 is the second of several provincial training courses designed to prepare SAR volunteers to perform rope rescue operations in wildland situations. This course follows the Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC) established curriculum as outlined in EMBC SAR Rope Rescue Manual Section 2: Rope Rescue Technician 1. The course will review the basic physics of Force Limiting Systems, selection of anchors, building and operating Dual Capability Two Tensioned Rope (DCTTR) Systems, edge management and subject packaging. Through demonstration, self-study and hands-on practice, students will be equipped to help build, operate and participate in DCTTRS and rope rescue. 


  • 19 hrs of instruction
  • Certificate of completion
  • Student practice Checklist

 Not Included:

  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Personal Equipment
  • Team Rescue equipment (provided by Host team)


RRT1 Curriculum:
  • Knots Bends and Hitches
  • Anchors 
  • Anchor Extensions 
  • Pre-tensioned Ties
  • Operate in Rope Rescue Team Positions (Edge, Rope Operator MPD and Component, Tailer, Attendant)
  • Tension Transfers
  • Stretcher Rigging for Slope Rescue (including Subject Securement) 

RRT1 Itinerary:

-Sample Time table RRT1 Training and Assessment-

  • Friday - 1830-2130 (3 hrs) 
  • Saturday - 0830-1700 (8.5 hrs)
  • Sunday - 0830 - 1600 (7.5 hrs)

-RRT1 Training Weekend -

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Overview of Rope Rescue site
  • DCTTRS Theory
  • Introduction to DCTTRS operations

  • Ropes, knots, bends and hitches
  • Anchors and extensions
  • DCTTRS Lower system (MPD and Component based)
  • DCTTRS Raising system (MPD and Component based)
  • Pre-Tensioned ties
  • Edge person set up and operation
  • Live Scenarios using DCTTRS

Assessment Expectations:

  • Build a safe and adjustable edge line in a timely manner. Operate as an edge person and describe their roles and responsibilities.
  • Demonstrates appropriate use of standard  knots, bends, hitches and anchor ties. 
  • Fresh Eyes Checks (FEC) for safety.
  • Build and operate MPD & Component system for Lowering and Raising. Tension transfers - converting between the two. 
  • Function as Tailer.
  • Communicates during rope rescue with clear, standard terminology and communication protocols, at the appropriate time, in all stages of rescue. Uses REDO sequence.
  • Demonstrate stretcher attendant role for terrain up to moderate angle slope.
  • Rig subject securement.
  • Command and Communication.


This course is for active members of recognized Search and Rescue (SAR) Groups in British Columbia. The application form must be signed by the Training Officer or member of the Management Team of your SAR Group.

Gear List

The following list is the recommended minimum for your personal gear. Please ensure that all your gear is functioning and in proper repair. 

  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Headlamp and spare batteries
  • Knife
  • Gloves (rope)
  • Safety glasses
  • Whistle
  • Flagging tape
  • Personal pack
  • DCD (descent control device)
  • 60cm sling
  • 120 cm sling
  • Locking "D" Carabiner X4
  • Locking Pear carabiner X1
  • 8mm Cord X5m
  • 8mm cord X10m
  • 8mm prusik X1.4m
  • 8mm prusik X1.7m
  • 25mm webbing X5m
  • Short purcell prusik
  • long purcell prusik
  • PMP (prusik minding pulley)
  • Personal First Aid kit


This was an extremely well done training program. I am a past SAR training officer for RCMSAR and an educator in my professional field for several universities and Provincial and Territorial agencies. These instructors approached their task in a very informative, professional and friendly manner. Obviously extremely knowledgeable and competent. I particularly enjoyed the “coaching” style and the many small but extremely valuable elements of technique learned through their vast practical experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a great deal. Would highly recommend it to others and have already done so. Thank you and well done. Very thankful for the experience. Jerry, Nanaimo SAR
Those two instructors were a wealth of knowledge! They managed to make it a comfortable weekend, taking a lot of the pressure off of the learning. Kudos to both of them! Erin,
Course was excellent, both instructors were very proficient and had excellent teaching techniques. They were consistent in their messaging and supported each other very effectively during both the classroom sessions and the outdoor practical implementations of system rigging. Dewi Griffiths,
A great weekend to set the baseline for Rope Tech 1. Everything was clear and progressed from basic to more technical skills, all building on a solid foundation of knowledge. It had a good pace throughout the weekend and it felt like we covered everything in enough detail. Both Rob and Nate were very approachable and their teaching styles worked well within our team. They had many tips and tricks for us too which we were all excited to receive. Natasha , Nanaimo, B.C.
Rob was a great instructor who brought lots of experience and knowledge. He taught us multiple ways to set up rope systems. We learnt lots of rope tricks to help us along the way. Robs laid back attitude made learning the material easy and he didn't make us do something different if we had practiced a system one way and that way still met the overall objective. Jordan Higgins, Port Alberni, B.C.
It was an amazing course where I left the training weekend and assessment feeling like a stronger rope member. All three instructors were so approachable and knowledgeable. It was a vulnerable process for me putting myself out there in this way and they made it so much easier with their approach. All their tidbits that they taught us helped us be better ropers. Jess,
It was pretty unanimous, everyone had a fantastic time with the IAG crew. They turned what should be a stressful time into a progressive learning experience with rock solid skills at the end. Everything. The guys all had a laid back attitude that defused a lot of stress. Showed us many wizardy tricks of the trade!! Steph was an awesome addition to the Rob/Nate team that we were familiar with (a little trepidation with some of the members, bringing in a new person..we figured out Steph would be great pretty quickly though). Wendy,
Awesome in every way. really excellent format and delivery. Exceeded expectations. Lots of value-added learning / coaching. This was terrific. Instructors were phenomenal and set a perfect tone throughout. Most enjoyable and I have already recommended to others. Jerry Berry,
The instruction and explanation of process was amazing. Never a dumb question and only great feedback for more learning opportunities. The morning briefing was detailed and expectations laid out so you knew what is required and planned for the day. Both instructors brought professionalism to the course with a side of laugher and realism. "Suns out, Guns out" lol Amber G. ,
I was very pleased with the Tech 1 course I did this past weekend with Rob and Andrew. Their teaching was clear, easily understood and well paced with lots of hands-on practice time. I particularly like the way they started at the beginning with basic concepts and continued to build upon this foundation for the entire weekend. This filled in many small gaps in my knowledge. As an educator myself, I was very impressed with their organization and positive feedback and would not hesitate to take another course with them. I’m looking forward to the evaluation weekend in September! Ken , Powell River, B.C.
The entire weekend went exceptionally well. I felt well supported by Rob and Andrew. They created an assessment atmosphere that was relaxed and informal that allowed everyone to perform at their best. Their feedback was valuable and presented further opportunities for continued learning. Ken Cawley, Powell River SAR
Low pressure assessment, lots of learning opportunities, approachable instructors, mentorship, teaching the reason behind steps and procedures, confidence building, having members from other SAR teams. Thank you! Simona ,
This is probably one of the most successful and productive SAR training assessment taken in recent times. I came away from this weekend with a clear picture on my areas of proficiency, things that I can improve upon, and with increased confidence in my degree of readiness. The instructors were precise, engaging and built upon the why's and how's of rope rescue practical skills, elevating the testing environment from the usual meet the mark/ check the box test to a skills improvement, context setting and feedback driven journey. Rob, Nathan and Andrew set the standard we all want to hold ourselves up to. Well done! Nathalie Samson,