If you have ever gazed at the pristine, untracked snow on the peaks visible from Mount Washington and yearned to carve it up, this could be your winter! Join us for a day of heli skiing right here in the Island Alps. Start the day by meeting your guide for safety briefings. Then it’s into the helicopter and up into the mountains for a great day of wilderness skiing. Suitable for advanced/intermediate or above skiing ability.

When do we heli ski?

To go heli skiing, we need the right combination of weather suitable for flying and good stability in the snow. Typically this happens right at the same time that you've finished carving up the fresh stuff at the ski hill and are yearning for more!

How it works:

Contact us if you are interested in heli skiing and we will put your name on a list of people who are keen to go when conditions are just right. When that time comes we'll contact you and offer you the chance to join us for a day trip. The Decision to go will be based on weather forecasts and avalanche hazard forecasts done by our expert guides. You'll usually have somewhere between one and three days' notice that it's "game on"!

Included in the price:

  • 1 day with an ACMG guide
  • Heli drop and pick up for 6 runs
  • Lunch

Not included in the price:

  • Transport to and from meeting point
  • Extra runs (available for $130/run)


  • Avi Kit rental $10.00

    Avalanche kit rental includes transceiver, shovel and probe. If you are bringing your own avi kit, this must include a modern, digital, 3-antenna transceiver, and a solid shovel and probe. If you do not have all three of these things then you must rent a kit from us to take part. Avi Kits once rented are non-refundable.

Tell us when you would like to go. Start a new trip
As low as:

$895.00 / person

(at 4:1 ratio)
I have skied all over the world in Europe, Canada, South America, Greenland, Alaska, Russia and the Himalayas. Some of the best days I have had have been skiing with Jan. Joaquin Folch, Barcelona, Spain.