BC Search and Rescue - Rope Rescue Technician 2

As low as:

/ person

(at 6:1 ratio)


Search and Rescue (SAR) Rope Rescue Tech 2 Fundamentals is the third of several provincial training courses designed to prepare SAR volunteers to perform rope rescue operations in wildland situations. This course follows selected sections from the Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC) established curriculum as outlined in EMBC SAR Rope Rescue Manual Section 3: Rope Rescue Technician 2. The course will include rappelling and ascending to access the rescue site, knot passes, high-angle stretcher handling and pick-off techniques. Through self-study, demonstration and hands-on practice, students will be equipped to participate in a wildland rope rescue over the edge.
This course is for active members of recognized Search and Rescue (SAR) Groups in British Columbia. The application form must be signed by the Training Officer or member of the Management Team of your SAR Group. 


RRT2 Training Weekend Itinerary:

  • Course Intro
  • Review of DCTTRS Set-up
  • Knot (Bend) Pass (large group demo)
  • High-Angle Rope Rescue (lecture and discussion)
  • Improvised Subject Harness (large group demo)
  • High-Angle Stretch Rigging (large group demo)
  • End of day review/discussion

  • Opening Review
  • High-Angle Stretch Handling (large group demo)
  • Pick-Offs (large group demo)
  • Ascending and Descending (large group demo)
  • End of day review/discussion

  • Opening Review
  • Travel to field training site
  • Set-up two DCTTRS sites
  • Practice Scenarios
  • End of day review/discussion

Between Course Weekends:
Team Practice – Practice Checklist for TL/TO to sign-off. 20 minimum number of hours. Includes: 
• Control Role 
• Edge Role 
• Litter Attendant Role 
• Pickoffs and subject attachment 
• Improvised subject harness 
• Rappelling with decent control device 
• Ascending with Prusik (and changeover) 
• Clean, efficient, and safe DCTTRS setup and maintenance 
• Communications: with team, with subject 
• Overall team collaboration and professionalism (listening to and giving direction, participating in debriefs) 
• Safety conscious – self or hazard assessments, speaking up, other 

Online Exam – Knowledge-based assessment complete online before Assessment Weekend. 

RRT2 Assessment Expectations:
  • Candidates should arrive prepared to demonstrate and complete the following skills and maneuvers to a high standard. 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in rappelling and ascending
  • Stretcher handling Techniques - Demonstrate high angle stretcher handling  techniques
  • Pick-off Techniques - Participate in pick-off rescue techniques 
  • Edge Person Role (in pick-off or stretcher environment during scenario)
  • Act as Control
  • Demonstrate the Knot Pass
  • OVERALL COMPETENCY - Participate in Rope Rescue as a team member


This course is for active members of recognized Search and Rescue (SAR) Groups in British Columbia. The application form must be signed by the Training Officer or member of the Management Team of your SAR Group.

Candidates entering Rope Rescue Technician 2 must have successfully completed Rope Rescue Technician 1 (Training and Assessment).

Gear List

The following list is the recommended minimum for your personal gear. Please ensure that all your gear is functioning and in proper repair. 

  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Headlamp and spare batteries
  • Knife
  • Gloves (rope)
  • Safety glasses
  • Whistle
  • Flagging tape
  • Personal pack
  • DCD (descent control device)
  • 60cm sling
  • 120 cm sling
  • Locking "D" Carabiner X4
  • Locking Pear carabiner X1
  • 8mm Cord X5m
  • 8mm cord X10m
  • 8mm prusik X1.4m
  • 8mm prusik X1.7m
  • 25mm webbing X5m
  • Short purcell prusik
  • long purcell prusik
  • PMP (prusik minding pulley)
  • Personal First Aid kit


Great atmosphere established by the instructors. Lots of practice and learning even though it was an exam. AJ Maheu, RRT2 Assessment - Squamish B.C.
Steve and Rob are excellent instructors, knowledgeable, friendly, lots of good learning, and I enjoyed both the course and the evaluation with Island Alpine Guides. Michelle, Squamish SAR, RRT2, Squamish B.C.
Debriefs by instructors were very good with positive feedback and teaching moments. Being professional in the evaluations and recognizing that not all participants get a ribbon. Bruce Wall, Qualicum Beach, B.C.
Awesome experience once again with Rob and Nate. This is my third course through IAG and once again so grateful for the wealth of experience shared and the very professional style of program delivery. Highly recommended. Jerry Berry, IAG Trained Rope Tech 2, Nanaimo, SAR.
Had an excellent time learning, growing and stepping outside of the box. The instructors always were kind and considerate with feedback and teachable moments. I felt supported with the instructors and the team to grow and learn through this course. Amber G,