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AST2 Mount Cain

Avalanche Skills Training Two is an advanced avalanche course that takes a closer look at how avalanches form and how to manage more complex terrain. We delve deeper into the snowpack and learn how to apply different tests to help gain an understanding of snow stability and strength. Transceiver training moves into the realm of multiple beacon searches and how to solve these sometimes complex searches. The AST1 or equivalent training or experience are required as a prerequisite for this course. Participants should be intermediate skiers as there are usually many ascents and descents. This is a four-day course with two evening sessions. In the dates for courses listed below where you see a date range of four days, it is a course of four consecutive days. Where you see a date range of nine days it indicates a course that is running over two consecutive weekends.

Included in the price:

Instructor, use of transceiver, shovel, and probe, industry-recognized certificate of completion, and Canadian Avalanche Centre Student Fee.

Not included in the price:

Transportation, food, accommodation, clothing, personal equipment, lift tickets. IAG has access to specially priced two ride lift tickets which the group may or may not choose to use to speed access to the backcountry on some days.

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As low as:

$580.00 / person

(at 6:1 ratio)
Tony and I wanted to say how much we enjoyed the course and Lyle's teaching. I'm someone who inherently looks for yes no answers to questions but Lyle further made me appreciate the subtle art of 'snow science'. Sebastian Wende, Australia
Thanks for an amazing course! Ulrike Schmidt, Victoria, BC
By far one of the best experiences of a lifetime. Instructors with unparalleled experience and understanding at IAG! Kurt Kaufman, Toledo, Ohio
I wanted to let you know how fantastic the AST2 course was this past weekend at Mt. Cain. Despite initial snow issues, it was good of you and Lyle to organize the snow to fall in different consistencies and depth over the four days, to make our learning during our profile practices more valuable. Lyle was a first-class guide. I liked his “what do you think” approach, rather than regurgitating the information at or to us. Being an educator, I know and appreciate good teaching practices when I see them. He was patient with all of my questions and often directed me to answer them myself with further investigation. Mully Jackson, Victoria, BC
I finally finished standing down from the AST2 course at Mt. Cain yesterday. I'm very pleased to have attended, and feel it was well worth the investment and time. You struck an excellent balance between theoretical knowledge, field exposure, and creative exercises. In particular, I learned a lot from the exercise of writing the forecasts under your direction. That was an excellent teaching technique, for it forced us to think ahead and anticipate conditions and how they would be changing. Thank you for putting together a very well done course, and presenting it well. I, and I'm sure the others, appreciated your willingness to put in some additional time with us beyond the minimum requirement. Bill Wallace, Malahat, BC