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With plenty of snow still in the hills—cool nights and warm days turning the snow surface into perfect corn—we head for Mount Arrowsmith for a day of seeking out great lines. Mount Arrowsmith offers lots of great options, including steep lines on a number of aspects. What exactly we ski will depend on group abilities and conditions.

Included in the price:

Guide, transceiver, shovel, probe

Not included in the price:

Transport, clothing, personal equipment, food

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As low as:

$165.00 / person

(at 4:1 ratio)
The idea was to send the 2012 ski season off with an adventure, so naturally I got in touch with IAG. Jan was keen right off the start to ski spring lines on Arrowsmith, and within a couple of days he had two other skiers lined up and a trip plan. The day on the Arrowsmith massif didn't disappoint. Under clear blue skies, we skied our chosen lines, lunched on the saddle between Arrowsmith and Cokely, then decided to climb a rocky wall up to Cokely to ski out via the Rousseau Route. The day had everything I'd hoped for: steep skiing, challenging ascents and an adventurous spirit. It was a fitting end to an epic ski season. Toby Gorman, Nanaimo, BC.
My wife trusts you more than me and she has never met you! George Woernle, Chemainus, BC.