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VIACC Life After AST

A specially priced Life After AST course for members of the Vancouver Island Section of the Alpine Club of Canada.
For many people making the step from their avalanche skills training to actually getting out touring in the back country is a bit daunting. This course is designed just for that. The idea was actually developed by some of our students and the results have been spectacular. Spend a day with a super experienced ski guide as they facilitate a trip planning session followed by a full day of touring in avalanche terrain and a structured debrief to end the day. Students will gain the confidence to plan and execute their own trips as well as a ton of local knowledge about their touring destinations.

Included in the price:

Guide/Instructor and use of transceiver, shovel and probe.

Not included in the price:

Personal clothing and equipment (list provided), transport or food. Transportation logistics will be organised between participants and IAG. Participants may use alpine touring, telemark or split board. Snowboarders using snowshoes are recommended to either rent a split board or put together an all snowshoeing group unless they are very fit and ready to keep up with participants on equipment which slides uphill and down.

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As low as:

$130.00 / person

(at 4:1 ratio)