Avalanche Skills Training 1 for Sledders - Lodge Based at Brohm Ridge

Black Tusk Snowmobile club in conjunction with Island Alpine Guides and sledding avalanche guru Niko Weiss are presenting these AST1 courses based from the Alpine Learning Centre at Brohm Ridge. These courses maximize field time and save the classroom work for the lodge at night. Learn the skills and knowledge required to understand the risk of avalanches, recognize the terrain and conditions that create them, reduce or manage risk while travelling or playing in avalanche areas, utilize Public Avalanche Bulletins and other decision making tools and effect a self or companion rescue using beacon probe and shovel.

Included in the price:

Avalanche Canada qualified instructors, one night lodge based accommodation, 3 meals (dinner day 1 to lunch day 2), cat access support, Avaluator trip planner, text book, handouts, industry recognized certificate of completion, Avalanche Canada license fee.

Not included in the price:

Transport to and from course start at cat meeting point, personal clothing and equipment including your sled.

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As low as:

$400.00 / person

(at 7:1 ratio)
The course and instruction[with Niko]was awesome. Very entertaining, kept us in it the whole time. what a wicked venue as well! My sons are so over the top that we did this as a family. It will have a long lasting effect in many ways. Hennessey Family, Whistler, BC
Thanks for doing this for the general public. I really enjoyed the course and met new friends and learned some amazing things. Niko is an incredible instructor. Thanks so much – you guys are really great. Chris Larson, Vancouver, BC